Theatre Spoken Here Review: Screwball Comedy crackles with wit and humor

‘Screwball comedy’ refers to the American genre of story-telling which had its heyday in the 1930s & 40s. The elements included a male and female who are adversarial at first, but are ultimately ideal for each other; some farcical or slapstick action; a female with the upper hand in the relationship, snappy patter and crackling dialogue.

This U.S. Premiere of Canadian playwright Norm Foster’s Screwball Comedy is both homage to as well as an example of the genre.

The year is 1938 and aspiring reporter, Mary Hayes, is struggling to break into the male-dominated world of journalism. Jeff Kincaid may be the hottest reporter in the city, but his job is on the line and Mary might be the one to replace him.

Like the zany comedies with Gable vs. Colbert, or Hepburn vs. Tracy, this delightful play crackles with wit and humor! Howard Storm directs.