Theatre 40 is located in the Reuben Cordova Theatre on the campus of Beverly Hills High School


Theatre 40 Parking Map
Finding the theatre can be tricky!
Theatre 40 is located in the Ruben Cordova Theatre on the campus of Beverly Hills High School.
The front door address of the school is:
241 South Moreno Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

(This is NOT the entrance to the theatre! Do not park in the lot next to the tennis courts. Your car may be locked in by the time the play is over.)

There is free covered parking conveniently located just outside the theatre. Enter the driveway at the intersection of Durant Drive and Moreno Drive., between Little Santa Monica Blvd. and Olympic, but closer to Little Santa Monica. (Look for the Marquee advertising the show just to the left of the driveway.) Follow the road (in yellow on the map) when it turns left. Pass the underpass and turn left into the first entry to the garage (there is a Theatre 40 sign). Park anywhere and walk to the front left corner of the garage to the entrance of the theatre (following the Theatre 40 signs).