Mr. Pim Passes By

May-June 2018

A Play by A.A. Milne
Directed by Jules Aaron
Produced by David Hunt Stafford


This delightful comedy tells of what happens when appealing Mr. Pim, who has much trouble with names, drops in one day. Mr. Pim announces that the former husband of the lady of the house, thought to be deceased, is alive. Since the lady is married now, she is a bigamist. Her present husband is upset to no end. Then Mr. Pim passes by again, confessing that he was confused and it is safe to assume that the lady’s first husband is dead, as they originally believed. Without telling her husband, the lady uses the knowledge to get what she wants and to force her husband to permit his niece to marry the young artist who loves her.


John Wallace Combs • Roslyn Cohn • Casey Jones • Jacob Osborne
Nathalie Rudolph • Laura Lee Walsh • Troy Whitaker • Jeffrey Winner

What critics were saying:

“an amiable piece of fluff”
—Paul Myrvold’s Theatre Notes

“a charming comedy”
—Julia Stier for Stage Raw

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