CAL Review LA: THE MANOR is “truly extraordinary”

One of L.A theatre’s longest running success stories, now in it’s 14th hit season, and the most unique theatrical experiences in town. “The Manor”, a murder mystery suspense thriller simply cannot be missed!

The majestic Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills is the setting of this truly extraordinary production by playwright Kathrine Bates where audience members are led from room to room as different scenes of the play is performed.

The story revolves around Charles MacAlister who builds the opulent Greystone Mansion in 1928 as a gift for his only son and heir, and who has to deal with a shocking political scandal before tragedy and grief leaves him a broken man in the gripping finale.

Just being present in Greystone’s lavish interior and imagining a bygone era when flappers reigned and prohibition was the law of the land creates an overwhelming sense of intimacy.