The Surveillance Trilogy

World Premiere
September 19 – October 14, 2019

A Play by Leda Siskind
Directed by Amanda Conlon
Produced by David Hunt Stafford

This is The Surveillance Trilogy:

1953 Los Angeles. A couple returns home to discover they are being spied upon by government informants. 2017 Havana, a doctor and his patient grapple with the debilitating effects of espionage that have nearly shuttered the U.S. Embassy. 2019 Encino, a screenwriter discovers her artificial intelligence assistant is listening in with an agenda all its own. This play reveals the past and present ways our relationships, our electronic devices, and our very lives can be spied upon — and turned against us.


Landon Beatty • Jocelyn Hall • Suzanne Slade • Warren Davis
Stacey Moseley • Sequoia Granger • Max Pescherine • Charlotte Williams

What critics were saying:

“Siskind’s characters share a pervasive and justifiable paranoia”
—F. Kathleen Foley for Los Angeles Times

“intriguing suspenseful trilogy”
—Harrison Held for SceneAroundTown

“highly recommended for thoughtful theatergoers who cherish food for thought and love serious, intelligent drama”
—Ed Rampell for Free Press

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