SceneAroundTown – THE SURVEILLANCE TRILOGY is an “intriguing suspenseful trilogy”

Next up at Theatre 40 in Beverly Hills also making its World Premiere was the searing and thought provoking new drama The Surveillance Trilogy written by talented Leda Siskind and well directed by Amanda Conlon who are both Theatre 40 members. The cast in all 3 pieces are wonderful and the intriguing suspenseful trilogy deals with artificial intelligence in the world spanning from the 1950s to the present time. The trilogy is well produced by Theatre 40 artistic director David Hunt Stafford. Act 1 consisted of 2 stirring short plays – Until All of This Is Over starring Landon Beatty and Jocelyn Hall as a mismatched married couple followed by The Havana Syndrome starring Warren Davis and Stacey Moseley in a startling and strong piece about a deeply troubled woman in therapy. After intermission we were treated to Are You Listening a modern family drama starring Charlotte Evelyn Williams, Sequoia Granger and Max Pescherine. Great work by all the cast members. Kudos to costume designer Michele Young, sound designer Joseph “Sloe” Slawinski, set designer Jeff G. Rack, lighting designer Brandon Baruch and stage manager Don Solosan.