WillCall.org – IT IS DONE will “surprise, fascinate and grab you by the throat”

A man walks into a bar…..No. It was a dark and stormy night….that’s been done, too. OK, let’s start over. We’re in a bar, somewhere on a deserted road (superb set by Jeff G. Rack), with a juke box and a stuffed elk head on the wall. The bartender, Hank (the excellent Kurtis Bedford) is holding the fort in spite of the fact that customers are few and very far between. He looks like a slob, paunchy and balding but considers himself quite the ladies’ man, as it turns out. The weather is dreadful. As the door opens, in from the raging snowstorm (sound by Sloe Slawinski), tumbles a half frozen, windblown, bearded man, Jonas (George Villas), seeking refuge, warmth and quiet. He and Hank soon have words, not the friendliest, one might add. Shortly, a woman, Ruby (Kate Whitney) bursts in, livid because her car stalled in the storm.

They all are interesting characters but Ruby takes the prize. She’s tall, slim and sexy, a woman of mystery who makes a living as a sort of P.I. tracking down individuals wanted by someone willing to pay for that service. These actors are particularly inspired and directed by multi-talented set designer Jeff G. Rack, doing double duty. Villas’ Jonas has a secret and is haunted by a terrifying, recurring dream. He has a clear, sonorous voice and even his cold sweat looks real. Bedford has a flair for comedy and holds our attention when both verbally or physically engaged. Whitney is devilishly attractive and gives an amazing performance. She’s especially adept as the flirtatious, booze-sipping vixen and spooky person who can make the hair on the back of our necks stand up. In short, Alex Goldberg has created a play that will, from start to finish, surprise, fascinate and grab you by the throat. Go!