Carol’s Culture Corner – It Is Done is “downright creepy”

Theatre 40, in Beverly Hills, is featuring It Is Done, a play by Alex Goldberg that is playing in repertory with Rod Serling’s Stories from the Zone. In some ways, these two presentations have something in common; for one, It Is Done is directed by Jeff G. Rack. Stories from the Zone features two acts, one of which is also directed by Jeff G. Rack. But the real commonality is that you will find that both of these productions are just downright creepy.

It Is Done takes place in Hank’s Bar on an isolated highway, miles from nowhere. Hank (Kurtis Bedford) is happy being isolated because he is neither particularly ambitious nor fastidious. However, on this particular evening, he happens to have one lonely customer, Jonas (George Villas), who is in no mood to converse with Hank. He is a very troubled man who is haunted by dreams that won’t let him escape nor forget his past.

Unexpectedly, Ruby (Kate Whitney), a sensuous woman, strides into the bar asking to use the phone. Due to a sandstorm that is raging outside, her car has broken down and she needs to call the Auto Club for help. It appears now, that in a desolate bar, these three idiosyncratic people, a lascivious bartender, a psychotic gentleman, and an appealing woman, are destined to spend a long time with one another. And during that long time, you can count on something occurring that you wouldn’t, nor couldn’t, ever expect to happen!

In addition to his directing It Is Done, Jeff G. Rack, who is a top of the art set designer, created a most wonderful bar that turns out to be perfect (with a bit of moving around of parts) for both productions in repertory at Theater 40. You won’t want to miss any of these productions.

RECOMMENDED (if you enjoy being spooked!)