April, May & June

World Premiere
March-April 2017

A Play by Gary Goldstein
Directed by Terri Hanauer
Produced by David Hunt Stafford

This is APRIL, MAY & JUNE:

How can three sisters, each born just a year apart, grow up under the same roof yet see things so differently? Well, that’s what 40ish siblings April, May and June will wonder and debate as they convene at their childhood home to pack up the last of their late mother’s things.

Over the course of one funny, feisty and poignant afternoon, this disparate trio will come to terms with their past, present and each other as they uncover a startling surprise about the mother they thought they knew.


Jennifer Lee Laks • Jennifer Taub • Meredith Thomas

What critics were saying:

“every emotional chord you can think of”
—Lorenzo Marchessi for The Geek Authority

“insightful and clever exploration of the inner workings of a family”
—Elaine L. Mura for Splash Magazines

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