Theatre Spoken Here: “Excellent actresses” in APRIL, MAY & JUNE

Being the youngest of three sisters I can easily identify with Gary Goldstein’s brand new light comedy where three monthly-named sisters meet to clean out their dead mother’s cluttered home.

Throughout the play, while they reminisce, we see that the woman who bore them is still an enigma to them.

It’s non-stop chatter, and laughter, and sometimes bickering over a memento one wants to keep, or what a packrat their mother was, and how someone’s marriage fell apart, and why mom ever stayed with that drunk called dad. Meanwhile, shelves get emptied, books get stacked, boxes get filled, and a few plates get broken. We are witness to the moment when suddenly a discovery, hidden in a closet, gives them all a new insight into who their mother really was.

The three excellent actresses never let up the pace, with Jennifer Lee Laks as responsible-sensible-bitter April the eldest; Jennifer Taub as warmhearted-happily married-forgiving May the middle sibling, and Meredith Thomas as mischievous-outspoken-unconventional June the youngest.

Director Terri Hanauer deserves a special round of applause since, while keeping the story of the bond between sisters flowing energetically, she has a room full of knickknacks cleared and packed and ready for Goodwill in under 2 hours.

Amazing set is by Jeff G. Rack, lighting by Ric Zimmerman and sound by Joseph ‘Sloe’ Slawinski. Costumes by resident costume designer Michèle Young. Produced by David Hunt Stafford.