The Gamester

Los Angeles Premiere
July 24 – August 24, 2014

A Play by Freyda Thomas, inspired from Jean-François Regnard
Directed by Jules Aaron
Produced by David Hunt Stafford


Too much wealth, too much sex and too much glitz and glamour. Sound familiar? Some people might think we’re talking about 21st-century America — but in this case, it’s 18th-century Paris. Jean François Regnard’s The Gamester is a sexy farce about a compulsive gambler who struggles between his affection for the woman he loves and his passion for games of chance. The characters in the play, many of them suffering from their own compulsions for sex, love, money, food or self-righteousness, wouldn’t be out of place in contemporary society. The Gamester reminds us in humorous fashion that some things never change.


Rafael Cansino • Susan Damante • McKenzie Eckels • Scott Facher
Antony Ferguson • Jamila Jones • Ilona Kulinska • Elain Rinehart
James Schendel • Maria Spassoff • David Hunt Stafford • Marco Svistalski

What critics were saying:

“classic charm and contemporary wit”
—Jordan Riefe for The Hollywood Reporter

“enjoyably saucy”
—Ester Benjamin Shifren for Splash Magazines

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