“Astute direction” and “an extremely talented cast” come together in Remembrance – Stage Happenings

Remembrance, a play by Graham Reid, takes place in a town in Northern Ireland during the time known as “The Troubles” which began in the late ‘60’s, Protestants versus Catholics. Unfortunately, those times led to Protestants killing Catholics and Catholics killing Protestants.

In this simple love story, two people in their 60’s meet at an unconventional site, a cemetery. Bert (Mik Criba) and Theresa (Diana Angelina) have something in common, the fact that each of them lost a son in the mayhem; the difference is that Bert is a Protestant and Theresa is a Catholic. After some time, meeting on a daily basis to pay their respects to their sons, Bert and Theresa fall in love.

When a widow and a widower with grown children find each other, their love is not so simple since the offspring have problems of their own. Bert’s son, Victor (Johnny O’Callaghan) is a policeman, an unhappy man who is a womanizer, an alcoholic, and whose wife, Jenny (Elizabeth Lande) has left him. Theresa has two daughters, the younger one, Joan (Alice Cutler), with three children of her own, is married to a revolutionary who is in jail for life. The older one, Deirdre (Christine Joelle), has given up her ambitions to be with her widowed mother. With the loss of their brother and their own miserable lives, the younger generation can’t fathom people in their 60’s falling in love, nor can they accept the fact of their religious differences.

The characters in this play are extremely interesting when it is revealed what makes them who and what they are. Bert and Theresa are two very simple people without any bigotry whatsoever. Through them, a lesson in tolerance is revealed in the final analysis.

Under the astute direction of Tim Byron Owen, an extremely talented cast brings these complicated characters to life. The very interesting and workable staging is by Jeff G. Rack, lighting by Ric Zimmerman, and costumes by Michele Young.

Carol Kaufman Segal for Stage Happenings
March 25, 2013