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The Theatre 40 Season Subscriber package includes tickets to all 6 of our regular season plays:

Play 1

Renovations for Six

American Premiere

A Play by Norm Foster
Directed by Howard Storm
Produced by David Hunt Stafford

A young couple (new in town) decide to host a dinner party so they can make friends and promote their business. They invite a couple who have abandoned their song-and-dance act and show biz to raise their daughter and a haughty psychiatrist and her engineer husband who has given up his high-paying job to write a novel. All three couples are stressed, undergoing house renovations and could use a little fix-up in the relationship department as well. All hell breaks loose at the dinner party in this fast-paced comedy where couples, designs and cultures clash.

Play 2

The Surveillance Trilogy

World Premiere

A Play by Leda Siskind
Produced by David Hunt Stafford

Peculiar. 1953 Los Angeles. A couple returns home to discover they are being spied upon by government informants. 2017 Havana, a doctor and his patient grapple with the debilitating effects of espionage that have nearly shuttered the U.S. Embassy. 2019 Encino, a screenwriter discovers her artificial intelligence assistant is listening in with an agenda all its own. This play reveals the past and present ways our relationships, our electronic devices, and our very lives can be spied upon — and turned against us.

Play 3

Fifteen Men in a Smoke-Filled Room

Los Angeles Premiere

A Play by Colin Speer Crowley
Directed by Jules Aaron
Produced by David Hunt Stafford

Chicago. June 1920. The Republican National Convention is in full swing. Warren G. Harding is overwhelmed by the prospect of being the nominee of the Republican Party for President. Hounded by an ambitious campaign manager, a paralyzingly superstitious wife, a star-struck young mistress, and the frightening pull of inevitability, Harding seems destined to be President…or is he?
This play explores the extents to which fate controls our lives. Is there a higher power that determines our destinies or are we the aggregate result of the idiosyncrasies of flawed humanness?

Play 4

Sunday Dinner

World Premiere

Written and Directed by Tony Blake
Produced by David Hunt Stafford

A young Catholic priest has just flown home to inform his parents of a major life-changing decision. But his declaration is interrupted when his father pulls him aside to “confess” an ugly family secret; a secret that is about to help some family members, but seriously harm others. Expecting to receive absolution and clear his conscience, the father is stymied when the son/priest refuses to grant his father’s request, leaving the son wrestling with whether or not to reveal his father’s deceit. Does the truth really set us free? And is doing the right thing worth the price when the consequences can have long-lasting, crippling effects on a family?

Play 5

Taming the Lion

World Premiere
Winner of the Julie Harris Playwright Award Competition

A Play by Jack Rushen
Directed by Melanie MacQueen
Produced by David Hunt Stafford

This is the story of the contentious relationship between movie mogul Louis B. Mayer, and the first openly gay star, William Haines.

Under incredible stress to keep suspicious stories out of the press, Mayer develops a plot to pressure Haines to end his relationship, and take part in a fake marriage. He even goes so far as to blackmail Joan Crawford, Haines’ best friend, into helping him to destroy their relationship. Haines almost complies until a soul searching evening guides his conscience to make a choice to be who he is.

Play 6

Incident at Our Lady of Perpetual Help

Los Angeles Premiere

A Play by Katie Forgette
Directed by Ann Hearn Tobolowsky
Produced by David Hunt Stafford

Money-strapped family tries to cope in 1973. 19 year-old daughter is our narrator and she is attempting to re-enact the most turbulent day of her life, but her family keep interrupting to tell their side of the story.

The 70s were a time of old school living; no social media, and public ridicule in a close-knit community was the ultimate nightmare. Her parents want her to explain to her younger sister about the birds and the bees. Somehow the blunt explanation is overheard by the parish priest and he is not amused. He confronts her parents about the “corruption of their eldest daughter’s very soul.”