A Bonus Play! In Repertory with play #2, A Clean Brush

Basement Folly

October 3 – October 26, 2022

Written by David Datz
Directed by Carol Becker
Produced by David Hunt Stafford


Kat Kemmet • Matt Landig • Tammy Mora • Michael Robb • Caroline Westheimer

This is Basement Folly:

A couple ponders what to do when they discover that an unknown person is living in their basement. A normal couple would take swift action. But not these people. They have to discuss it: Call police? Kick the person out, with so many people homeless? Give priority to an old family friend who appears, homeless and needing shelter? What about their adult daughter, who wants a temporary place? What if it’s the wife’s unstable sister? What’s moral? What’s safe? And who’s down there, anyway? All fodder for the family’s greatest talent: bickering.

David Datz, a Theatre 40 member, has written a comedy that might affect how you think about homelessness.