The Metromaniacs

Adapted from Alexis Piron’s La Métromanie
Directed by Marjorie Hayes
Produced by David Hunt Stafford


Josephine Nunez • Alec Anderson Carrasco • Jeremy Schaye
Mandy Fason • John Wallace Combs • David Hunt Stafford • Hisato Masuyama


This is The Metromaniacs:

It’s springtime in Paris, 1738. Metromania, the poetry craze, is all the rage. Damis, a young, would-be poet with a serious case of verse-mania falls for a mysterious poetess from Breton. She turns out to be none other than a wealthy gentleman with a touch of the mania himself—looking to unload his sexy but dimwitted daughter—who also just happens to be cuckoo for couplets. Soon scheming servants, verbal acrobatics, and mistaken identities launch a breathless series of twists and turns in this breezy “translaptation” of a rediscovered French farce by comedic master David Ives