Taming the Lion

World Premiere
Winner of the Julie Harris Playwright Award Competition
March 12 – April 12, 2020

Written by Jack Rushen
Directed by Melanie MacQueen
Produced by David Hunt Stafford

This is Taming the Lion:

This is the story of the contentious relationship between movie mogul Louis B. Mayer, and the first openly gay star, William Haines.

Under incredible stress to keep suspicious stories out of the press, Mayer develops a plot to pressure Haines to end his relationship, and take part in a fake marriage. He even goes so far as to blackmail Joan Crawford, Haines’ best friend, into helping him to destroy their relationship. Haines almost complies until a soul searching evening guides his conscience to make a choice to be who he is.


Landon Beatty • Niko Boles • Marie Broderick
Kevin Dulude • Jean Mackie • Jeffrey Winner

What critics were saying:

“It contains as much conflict and pathos as one would see in any picture released by Metro in the 30s.”
—Rich Borowy for Accessibly Live Off-Line

“Be the first in line to see this highly entertaining and intriguing show. It’s one of Theatre 40’s best.”
—Elaine Mura for Splash Magazines

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