Sunday Dinner

Los Angeles Premiere
January 16 – February 16, 2020

Written and Directed by Tony Blake
Produced by David Hunt Stafford

This is Sunday Dinner:

A young Catholic priest has just flown home to inform his parents of a major life-changing decision. But his declaration is interrupted when his father pulls him aside to “confess” an ugly family secret; a secret that is about to help some family members, but seriously harm others. Expecting to receive absolution and clear his conscience, the father is stymied when the son/priest refuses to grant his father’s request, leaving the son wrestling with whether or not to reveal his father’s deceit. Does the truth really set us free? And is doing the right thing worth the price when the consequences can have long-lasting, crippling effects on a family?


John Combs • Dennis Hadley • Kevin Linehan • Meghan Lloyd
Michele Schultz • Sharron Shayne • James Tabeek

What critics were saying:

“shocking at times”
—Rich Borowy for Accessibly Live Off-Line

“expert cast of actors in a moving play”
—Eric A. Gordon for People’s World

“you’ll be entertained until the dinner is in shambles”
—Leigh Kennicott for

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