A Bad Year for Tomatoes

A Play by John Patrick
Directed by Larry Eisenberg
Produced by David Hunt Stafford


Fed up with the pressures and demands of her acting career, the famous Myra Marlowe leases a house in the tiny New England hamlet of Beaver Haven and settles down to write her autobiography. Soon she discovers that dealing with her nosy, omnipresent neighbors is a never-ending struggle. In an attempt to shoo them away and gain some privacy, Myra invents a mad, homicidal sister who is kept locked in an upstairs room, but who occasionally escapes long enough to scare off uninvited visitors.

The ruse works well at first, but complications result when the local handyman develops an affection for the “crazy” sister and some of the neighbor ladies decide it is their duty to save the poor demented soul.

A charming comedy about the best laid plans.


Diana Angelina • Amanda Conlon • David Datz
William Joseph Hill • Ann Ryerson • Leda Siskind • Jeffrey Winner

What critics were saying:

“will keep you laughing from start to finish”
—Shari Barrett for Broadway World

“humorous in nature and concept”
—Rich Borowy for Accessibly Live Off-Line

“silly but fun”
—Morna Murphy Martell for Theatre Spoken Here

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