The Last Wife

January-February 2018

A Play by Kate Hennig
Directed by Flint Esquerra
Produced by David Hunt Stafford


Kate Parr is a rising star in a world of intense competition. But her marriage to Henry is rife with the threat of violence and lure of deceit; her secret liaisons with Thom, her husband’s former brother-in-law, could send her to an early grave; and her devotion to the education and equal rights of Henry’s daughters is putting a strain on her marriage. Does Kate risk her life to gain authority? Which love will she be led to if she follows her heart? And what future is there for her children if she makes a crucial mistake?


Lily Daugherty • Andrew Grigorian • Nathalie Rudolph
Olivia Saccomanno • Caleb Slavens • David Hunt Stafford

What critics were saying:

“a lively examination of romantic love, family love, and duty”
—Shari Barrett for Broadway World

“There can be no quibbles however about leading lady Saccomanno’s radiant star turn.”
—Steven Stanley for Stage Scene LA

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