Moral Imperative

World Premiere
September-October 2016

A Play by Samuel Warren Joseph
Directed by Howard Storm
Produced by David Hunt Stafford


When is it justified to kill someone? One man’s morality is another man’s blind ambition. Seth Colby has always dreamed of being president of the elite university he attended and taught at and where he is now vice-president. Bitter that he has been passed over, he feels compelled to take action. Academic politics and the philosophy of the “greater good” all come together in this thrilling World Premiere.


Susan Damante • Ken Kamlet • Kyoko Okazaki • David Hunt Stafford
Brandee Steger • Martin Thompson

What critics were saying:

“I guarantee you will be glued to your seat”
—Shari Barrett for Broadway World

“One and all deliver stellar performances.”
—Peter Foldy for Hollywood Revealed

“a delicious morsel of art”
—Joe Straw for Joe Straw #9

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