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Separate Beds

May 19 – June 19 2016

Performance Times
Sunday Matinees: 2 PM
Thursday – Saturday Evenings: 8 PM

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Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 9.54.39 PMSeparate Beds

By M.J. Cruise

Directed by Melanie MacQueen

A romantic comedy about two couples on a Caribbean cruise celebrating their anniversaries. Blake and Beth are successful and sophisticated and flaunt their glamorous marriage, while Ernie in Twink, who lead a mundane life by comparison, try to save theirs. Both couples are forced to wade through the choppy waters of their lives to take a deeper look at both reality and perception. This urbane comedy will ring true with any couple who has ever contemplated sleeping in separate beds.

“A hilarious and touching account of married life.” – Welland Tribune

“It is laugh-out-loud-funny! Spouses in the crowd poked each other throughout the entire play!” – Port Colborne Review

“Will resonate with couples whether they have been together for three months or 35 years.” – Alex Mustaka, Artistic Director of Drayton Entertainment

“A boatload of marital and personal issues come out of the closet …. Don’t miss it!” – The Observer/Sarina