American Wee-Pie

Los Angeles Premiere
March 19 – April 13, 2015

A Play by Lisa Dillman
Directed by Stewart J. Zully
Produced by David Hunt Stafford


When Lisa Dillman was asked what inspired American Wee-Pie, she cited three things. First, the recent downturn in the economy caused many of her friends to lose their jobs, forcing them — and Dillman — to consider what should comprise “act two” of life. Second, she noticed that, despite the recession, fancy cupcake shops were opening all over the city. And, lastly, an old memory kept resurfacing: Once, when she was young, Dillman caught the gaze of a stranger in Union Station the second before he keeled over and died on the platform. From such disparate strands, Dillman has woven American Wee-Pie, which follows a middle-aged textbook editor back to his hometown for a funeral. Once there, however, the editor quickly finds himself headed off in unexpected directions. Don’t miss this heartbreaking comedy about life’s second acts — and the persistent power of small surprises.


Frederick Dawson • Deidra Edwards • Christopher Franciosa • Steve Keyes
Elizabeth Lande • James Schendel • Caleb Slavens

What critics were saying:

“rarely has a play proven more magical (and inspirational) than the absolutely scrumptious American Wee-Pie”
—Steven Stanley for StageSceneLA

“feel-good family fare”
—Deborah Klugman for Stage Raw

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