SceneAroundTown: BLONDE POISON is “fascinating & disturbing”

Blonde Poison is a powerful new play starring award winning veteran actress Salome Jens now making its North American debut at Theatre 40 in Beverly Hills. The play is very well written by British playwright Gail Louw & based on shocking factual information from the novel Stella by Peter Wyden. Ms. Jens is excellent as Stella Goldschlag the beautiful blonde haired Aryan looking German Jew who became an informant in her early 20s for the Gestapo. The Gestapo promised not to kill her or her parents in return and her activities led to the horrific deaths of an estimated 600 to 3000 fellow Jews by the Nazis. Ultimately the Gestapo double crossed her & sent her parents to a concentration camp where they were killed. Stella Goldschlag’s life was a living hell – she was caught in a horrible conundrum with no way out. She was nicknamed the blonde poison by her Nazi colleagues for her talent as a Greifer (informant). Stella Goldschlag’s life story is fascinating & disturbing. Ms. Jens is perfect as the 71 year old recounting her horrific tales well guided by acclaimed director Jules Aaron her friend & collaborator for over 25 years.