Opening Night

West Coast Premiere
May-June 2013

A Comedy by Norm Foster
Directed by Bruce Gray
Produced by David Hunt Stafford


Ruth and Jack Tisdale are having a night out, dinner and the theatre. Jack didn’t really want to go. Ruth thinks it’s time to get a little culture in their lives. She has theatre tickets that let them mingle with the elite of the theatre world in the VIP lounge before the play and during the intermission. That’s where the fun begins. With his sympathetic treatment of dysfunctional relationships and imperfect people, Norm Foster touches a soft spot inside you even as you laugh uproariously.


John Combs • Gail Johnston • Eric Keitel • Ilona Kulinska
Richard Hoyt Miller • David Hunt Stafford • Martin Thompson

What critics were saying:

“first-rate crowd-pleasing fun”
—Steven Stanley for StageSceneLA

“uber belly laughs and miles of heart”
—Don Grigware for Broadway World

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